At Podstruck our focus is on the Audio market with the spotlight on Podcasts. Podstruck is part of GBM Collective.

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We are in an era of enormous transformation and opportunity for audio.  On top of straightforward joy in the medium, this is what motivates our focus.

Podcasts are easy to access and use, and the number of listeners and creators is ballooning. Still, underneath the simple user experience, there is a dynamic business and creative ecosystem.  It takes a depth of effort, knowledge and talent to succeed.  Further, considering podcasting in the context of audio at large – radio, audio books, functional sounds, voice AI, smart speakers, music, and more – amplifies these complexities and reveals the expansive opportunities ahead.

Podstruck’s goal s to create and share content that is useful and unique – even actionable – while we all learn and think out loud as a community.